August 21, 2009

10 benefits from your worst experience in life.

Recently I had a near death experience. Its been 3 months of that but I still have some hangover of that. These benefits are purely based on my own experience, may be my readers can share some of their own experience.
  1. You will discover new dimensions of yourself. This whole unfortunate process will finally make you strong and emotionally resilient. Even during the process you will get to know your resistance to pain and trauma.

  2. You will understand more about your parent's strength.We usually forget how our parents supported us when we were doing mistakes during our childhood. But in this situation I learned that my parents have more patience than I thought.

  3. Crowd' will change into and 'people' and some 'people' will become part of the 'crowd'.

  4. When you are weak and vulnerable, you get a gift from God i.e. a X-Ray vision. Its not same as the Bond goggles but it will help you identify people who really care about you.

  5. You have to go temple more than before and if you are not as resistive as me, then you will surely be benefited by it :).

  6. The best part of this situation is you will loose all your fake or pseudo friends, relatives or well wishers. If they will not leave you then you will be able to definitely identify them.

  7. You will fall in for Life again. In 25 years I almost forgot to live life but this experience made me love it again.

  8. Realizing all your dreams again is an important realization. When I came to know about my situation, my first reaction was "Shit! I need to do this, this and this.How the hell I can die without doing these things". Now I have my own 'Bucket List' and I am seriously working on it.

  9. You will see increase in your creative momentum. Your concentration in your daily life will increase. It will actually make you more alive.

  10. Getting new friends and fresh relationships with existing friends.

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