August 17, 2008

Consipiracy Theory Part - II

Reading the first part you must have got the feeling that 'this thing' has something to do with my office. So here is the spoiler.
One of my colleague was not responding pretty well. I mean he/she was not working on his/her given assignment. And if somebody is in the same company for a long time he/she knows how to save his/her a**. Just play little games.
In a conversation his/her unsupportable behavior became too loud. Then as no choice left, I talked to my manager and told what was happening. Oh but my manager didn't believe me at once. You know first time I am working for him.
Well on Friday around 11 a.m. my manager had a brief chat with my teammate.It was crystal clear that what was actually going on. After that anybody can guess that what would happened to my poor teammate. Some warning, some questions which were hard to answer. Wait a minute what I just said poor no. Just keep on reading.
At 1:00 p.m. same day I got a call from a cell phone. Seeing the unknown number my first reaction was c'mmon I don't need a credit card. But it was not a promotional call. It was a threatening call.
First Call 1:00 p.m: The guy on the other side was abusing me and kept on saying that I am trying to be really smart in my company( tum aaj kal bahut ud rahe ho Infy mein). He was asking my address so that he can come over my place and beat me up :).I thought this must be some old friend and trying to scare me. So I just laughed and cut the line.
Second Call 8:20p.m.: I was in the bus and thinking about the work. I didn't give a second thought to first call. But I got a second call. This time from a local number. Same voice and same request my address. I again laughed again at him and said why don't you find me. I put down the phone.
Third Call 8:23p.m.: He called again. Same abusive language and same urge my address :). But this time I was little worried. There is no close friend I have in Bangalore and that guy seemed to know very little about me. His voice didn't sound familiar. It lasted for 2 min because I have to cut down the line.
Fourth Call 11:55p.m.: He didn't call me. I was waiting for him to call. I was not afraid but damn curious. There are some rules for these kinds of games. According to these rules I can not call him back.But I made him call me again. If you remember I got first call from a cell phone. I messaged 5 times on that number and bingo he called me after 30 minutes of my provoking messages. This one was a detailed call. He told me that he is nephew of some ACP. I didn't give a shit on that. He knows only my first name, my company and I belong to UP (and not specific about that). I asked him again and again that how come I made him so angry. He kept saying the same old stuff tum aaj kal bahut ud rahe ho Infy mein.
Please do not try to fill in the blanks now. I will try to put my introspection and other findings in the next post.


  1. all the best, i hope it doesn't turn out to be ugly politics

  2. wht happned to this things ,u didnt follow up