June 10, 2008

Blogger Rocks!!!

Today after a stretch of 33 days I felt like writing a blog. But when I logged into my blogger account and clicked on 'New Post' link, my browser showed me an error message. The error code was something like 'bx-some characters'. I was like Holy Shit. Once i thought now I would never continue this blog. Then I googled about that error code and found the same kinda problem in Blogger Google Groups. For the solution I had to filled up a tiny form and its done.

After a while as my fingers were itching to write something, I opened a new tab and typed blogger Ctrl+ Enter. Got blogger main and clicked on 'New Post' link with my fingers crossed. Then after a while I was able to see the Create Post page. Wow my problem has been in 2 hours!!!!!!!!!. This is really amazing and blogger Rocks!!!

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