May 7, 2008

Hardy Heron on my desktop!!!

Finally I am using Ubuntu 8.04 code name Hardy Heron on my office desktop. I am using Live CD version of Linux. It was kind of tricky to run it on my office desktop. I did it with the help of one of my colleague, we tweaked our desktop BIOS little bit and it worked!!!

So this is the first time I am using Linux seriously. Wish me luck that I will continually able to do that.


  1. Interesting Blog, what’s your opinion on outsourcing, have you blogged about that or how technology could help in creating more opportunities for businesses and individuals? There is an interesting competition going on with a chance to win $1000 ( and i was thinking of referring to some of your blog items in my blog. Is it going to be alright with you?

  2. saale......culprit is karthik. I am gonna report this !!!