June 5, 2012

Fasting from Facebook : A food for Focus

I am behind of my schedule and loosing my focus now. List of my procrastination goes like this:

  • 3 Blog posts are pending from last 8 days. 
  • Revision of iOS programming is piling up and and reached to 5 chapters.
  • Didn't read Apache Camel from last 10 days.
  • Morning meditation reduced to 2 min from 5-7min.
  • Workout schedule reduced to 2 days in a week
On the positive side, I am still able to keep my daily routine of office timings and food. Latest life crisis has been a major distraction for my schedule. Here key will be to get my focus back as soon as possible after this crisis. 
To keep reminding myself that I have to get my focus back, I will not be using Facebook for 48 hours. Whenever I will tempt to do it, I will tell myself that I have to get my routine (focus) back.
There are few more projects/initiatives/habits coming up into my mind. I should make a list of it and prioritize them before I loose these thoughts.

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