May 21, 2012

List of HTML 5 features

Learning HTML 5 is in my wishlist from last two years. Whenever I start with any tutorial or blog , I get lost into all the new features. It confuses me with how much did I learn and how many features are remaining.
So here is the latest and almost full list of all the cool HTML 5 features. It provides a holistic picture of HTML5 features. 

  • Storage Features:
    1. Web Storage
    2. Web SQL Database
    3. Indexed DB
    4. Application Cache
  • Real Time/Communication
    1. Web-Workers
    2. Web-Socket
    3. Notifications
  • File/Hardware Access
    1. Native drag and drop
    2. Desktop drag-In/Out
    3. File System API
    4. Geo-location API
    5. Device Orientation
    6. Speech Input
  • Semantics & Markup
    1. Better Semantics Tags
    2. Markup for Applications
    3. Descriptive Link Relations
    4. Microdata
    5. ARIA Attribute
    6. New Form type
    7. Mobile Form Field Types
  • Graphics & Multimedia
    1. Audio/Video Support
    2. Canvas 2D
    3. Canvas 3D
    4. Inline SVG
  • Improvements to the Core Platform
    1. getElementByClassName() attribute
    2. Finding elements by CSS synatx: document.querySelectorAll()
    3. Custom data-* attributes
    4. Element class list
    5. History API
All these features with little description and example can be found html5rocks . I didn't include any CSS3 feature because it is a separate subject and has many new features.


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