March 16, 2009

21 Things I want in a Lover

We all have those list in our head. I came across a group blog where people have shared their wishes. Out of more than 350 wishes, I am sharing my favorites.
All these things are not necessary needs but the qualities I prefer. Enjoy :)
  1. Someone unexpected.

  2. Someone who won’t laugh when I tell them I want to touch the stars.

  3. Someone who will let me curl up in their lap while I’m reading my book.

  4. Someone who will read me their favorite verses of poetry.

  5. Someone whose life and heartbeat is in rhythm with mine. Whether I see them once a day, once a month or once a lifetime.

  6. Someone who is just as random as I am.

  7. Someone who understands my "I’m an individual" moments.

  8. Someone who will draw circles on my back to make me fall asleep.

  9. Someone who finishes my sentences without even thinking about it.

  10. Someone patient.

  11. Someone who always knows what song I am humming.

  12. Someone who has answers, not just questions.

  13. Someone who will call me at the precise moments that I’m feeling the loneliest.

  14. Someone who will let me play piano on her skin in the morning.

  15. Someone who’ll write their name on my window, when it gets all steamed up in the rain.

  16. Someone who knows I’ve had a bad day and brings home food so we don’t have to cook or worry about anything else.

  17. Someone who wakes me up with a whisper.

  18. Someone who will make weird noises with me all the time and then laugh hysterically about it afterwards.

  19. Someone who understands that a random hug makes the whole day seem brighter.

  20. Someone who will watch the clouds with me.

  21. Someone who will start a friendly pillow fight when we are bored.

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