December 9, 2007

Google Chart API is out.

Google Chart API has been introduced. Now programmers can include it in their web pages. It has some limit. It only entertains 50000 queries per day.

The Google Chart API returns a PNG-format image in response to a URL. Several types of image can be generated: line, bar, and pie charts for example. For each image type you can specify attributes such as size, colors, and labels.

You can include a Chart API image in a webpage by embedding a URL within an img tag. When the webpage is displayed in a browser the Chart API renders the image within the page.

Google Chart API URLs must be in the following format:

Hello World Example:

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  1. You may be interested that I have started a Java Wrapper to the Google Chart API called gchartjava, for lack of a more original name. It is still pretty raw since I started Friday afternoon, but it already has a decent amount of functionality working. You can find the project at: