October 31, 2007

My favourite Google Employee perks.

We all heard about well known Google's perk like free food, allowing pets in office, free massage, on-site doctors, dry cleaners etc. But I am going to tell you about some hidden and my personal favourite facilities and activities provided by Google.
  1. For recent computer science grads accepting an engineering position with Google, a popular social event is Google’s “New Employee Orientation and Arranged Virginity-Loss Night.”
  2. Google employees who are about to become mothers receive 12 weeks of maternity leave; aging female engineers now coming to terms with the fact they will likely never be mothers receive two weeks of “Crushing Sense of Incompleteness Leave.” (It is 50% paid.)
  3. Googlers enjoy an Employee Referral Program â⒬” meaning, they receive a cash bonus if they refer management to any employee even thinking about leaving Google. ( Can you this in any other company).
  4. For all Google employees who’ve just committed a crime of passion, Google provides a two-bedroom safehouse just outside the city where said employee can lay low until “the heat” dies down.
  5. To encourage collaboration, the hallways at Google are lined with whiteboards where employees can jot down ideas. To encourage active collaboration, these whiteboards are dusted with cocaine.
  6. Google affords all employees a $1500 monthly stipend for mandatory lava lamp purchases.
  7. Each new grain of sand in Google’s beach volleyball pit is imported via extraction from the bikini of Rachel Wacholder. (Wow!!!)
  8. Google offers a unique “literal 401k” retirement plan; for every dollar an employee invests, Google matches it with $401,000.
  9. Googlers can enjoy fruit smoothies via osmosis in one of several on-campus Jamba Baths.
  10. New Google employees each receive a keepsake Google hacky-sack filled with pulverized sapphires.
  11. Google employees receive personal mentoring sessions with co-founder Sergey Brin, or at least one of the eight Brin replicants built in late 2005.
  12. Employees are given beta test runs of exciting new Google software, such as the satellite imaging program Google Maps-of-Gisele’s Bedroom and the adult singles-finding service Gspots.
  13. Google provides free financial planning classes to all its employees. The session consists of just one tip: “Remember â⒬” Google. Fucking. OWNS You.”
  14. Google provides free custom detailing on all employee-owned Segways, motorized scooters, recumbent bicycles, and other widely-derided modes of transportation.
  15. Google engineers make use of free on-site hair salons, specializing in both men’s and women’s unsavory bowl cuts.

So after reading this what are the suggestion(s) you want to give to your HR. :)

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